Media shapes politics

Freedom of speech and diversity of opinion guarantee
plurality of interests and political positions.
The democratic process of forming opinion
requires society's consent.
Consent is reached by public discussion.
And since media images increasingly determine
which stories and topics are covered and discussed,
the media indirectly influence politics.


An eye-opening text I found on an exhibition in Berlin.

A feminist revolution always starts somewhere

Let's be clear: we can't passively stand and take shit and continue to believe that half of the population has less value because of their gender. We can't accept further objectifying media, opression or violence. All possible information needed is out there and WE DO HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION in order to make a change.
So dear readers:
take action.
  • E-mail people
  • Start discussions
  • Spread information via social media
  • Stop consume media that oppress people
  • Demand change
  • Be active and speak up for your rights!
In case you forgot... women weren't GIVEN the right to vote, it was FOUGHT FOR!

Jamie Woon - Night Air

I’ve acquired a kind of madness
Daylight fills my heart with sadness
And only silent skies can sooth me
Feel that night air flowing through me

Heat of the nite

Just discovered Heat of the nite by the icelandic guys in Jungle Fiction. A year ago I posted another song by them, but this time THEY'VE GOT A PROPER MUSIC VIDEO! I'm delighted.

Check out an obsessive girl with her boyfriend in Vegas looking freaky in front of slot machines and flashing neon lights. It's beautiful, quite crazy and I can reveal that the ending takes a slightly unforeseen turn. ENJOY!

Churning out evocative fleshy organic matter versus the usual icy, skeletal still life

That is how English Wikipedia describes the music by Clubroot. I listen to his album II-MMX over and over while looking at the fog outside the window. It is the perfect inspiration. Music like this is absorbed by my soul deeper and quicker than alcohol spreads in the blood after a glass of wine. The feeling of this music is euphoric. It almost feels sacred, as I could see the clock ticking more and more slowly. It's like a time warp where I'm trapped with my headphones and a galaxy of new ideas.

Extreme body control/Alors on danse

You've got one body, and unlike my laptop battery, it is not replaceable.

That's one big reason for you to take the control of it. Actually what I decided today is to take an extreme control of it, because I just realized that it's possible to do so. You can make a cool move with every single joint of your body, so use it! You're encapsulated in it. Love it. Control it.

Alors on danse...

Stromae knows what he's talking about.

Perfection can never be achieved

Everything will always remain incomplete and far from perfect. Especially people. No one will ever become perfect, neither on the inside, nor the outside. The body is an organic composition of living cells which constantly are affected by the wear and tear of surroundings and thoughts. Something that sooner or later will break completely and moulder, rot or crumble to dust. This can also happen mentally as well.


-Yet another glitch!


Likewise with computers, machines, all living organisms, thoughts, ideas... Nothing is complete. Tell me, is there perfection?


No. I've just come to the conclusion that it doesn't exist, in case there isn't a higher purpose for our existsce; God. Unfortunatly, our modern soceity has embraced marxistic ideas of a life without God, meaning or goal. And just how happy are we?


BUT. Things don't have to be perfect to be beautiful. There are, despite shaky evidence, proofs that the world contains much beauty.

We'll either be world famous or goddamned dead

"Everybody needs a little devastation!"

"...what if your religion turns out to be a cruel joke and you're fucked beyond all hope?"

"So open up your chest and let the birds free. So meet me under the deserted desert tree. We'll eat sand crumpets and drink cactus tea, we'll pretend this dirt is sea"