A feminist revolution always starts somewhere

Let's be clear: we can't passively stand and take shit and continue to believe that half of the population has less value because of their gender. We can't accept further objectifying media, opression or violence. All possible information needed is out there and WE DO HAVE ENOUGH INFORMATION in order to make a change.
So dear readers:
take action.
  • E-mail people
  • Start discussions
  • Spread information via social media
  • Stop consume media that oppress people
  • Demand change
  • Be active and speak up for your rights!
In case you forgot... women weren't GIVEN the right to vote, it was FOUGHT FOR!

Postat av: VAST

Du borde gå på teater och titta på: "Faust och Faustin and Out"

2014-02-16 @ 22:02:19
Postat av: Cia

Uooh... har hört att den är HEMSK. Har du sett den?

2014-03-01 @ 00:35:35
URL: http://miss783.webblogg.se
Postat av: VAST

Japp! Jag har upplevt den ;)

2014-03-05 @ 19:56:04
Postat av: Cia

Får ångest bara av att läsa recensionerna. Tyckte du den var bra eller?

2014-03-08 @ 23:34:18
URL: http://miss783.webblogg.se

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